ArtMalaysia Art Tourism Fair (AATF 2014)

Tsai Chen Yin

Tsai Chen Yin
Born in Yunlin, Taiwan 1954
1973 Chinese Culture University, Fine Art Department , Taiwan .
1988 National Taiwan Normal University, Department of Education, Taiwan.
Member of China Art Association.
Member of the Chinese-American Arts & Portraits Association, Japan.
Member of Taiwan Art and Culture Writers’ Association.
Member of Taiwan Watercolor Association .
Member of Taiwan’s QingShi Art and Culture Writers’ Association .
Malaysia Penang Art Society.
Malaysia North Kedah Art Society.
Malaysia Negeri Sembilan Art Society.
Malaysia Contemporary CHINESE PAINTING &
CALLIGRAPHY Association.
1975 Became a teacher and taught in the Eastern area in Taiwan.
1988 Returned to National Taiwan Normal University to further study( Education).
1990 Transferred to a reputable vocational school in Taiwan to teach Arts.
2005 Retired Present, stay in Malaysia; Married in Malaysia.
  • Participated in various personal, collaborated, and charity exhibitions in the country and overseas.
  • Published and recommended by Taiwan local and international newspapers and magazines, received overwhelming good responses and comments.
  • His work was named permanent collection at the Cultural Center by Taiwan Government.
  • His work was named permanent collection by Chinese-American Arts & Portraits Association in Japan.
  • His work was selected by Taiwan government as a token of appreciation to the President of Paraguay during his visit to Taiwan.
  • The artist was awarded the Senior Outstanding Artist by the Taiwan and China’s Arts Associations.
  • His work won the 2nd prize at the Nan Ying Art Exhibition, Taiwan.
  • His work was awarded the Award of Excellence at the 32nd and 34th Taiwan Province Art Exhibition.
  • His work received Honorable Mention at the painting competition organized by Taiwan Television Culture Company.
  • 1973, his work was awarded the National Art Exhibition Award, Taiwan.
  • 1976, 1977 and 1978, participated in the Japan Painting Competition for a consecutive three years. (Won the first prize at the 17th and received the Board of Education Award at the 18th and 19th).
  • 1977, his work won the Bronze Ring Award at the Marine ChinShi Art Award.Taiwan.
  • 1978, his work received Honorable Mention at the Central Taiwan Art Exhibition.
  • 1978, His work received XiongShi Rookie Honorable Mention.
  • 1978, Winner of the social group at the Sketching Competition at the 1st HuaLien Country Tourism Festival, Taiwan.
  • Selected as the participant of the Taiwan Provincial Art Exhibition, Central and South Taiwan Art Exhibition and Collaborative Art Exhibition by Teachers, etc.
2010 Group Exhibition: Celebrating Malaysia's 53 year’s National Day Art Exhibition.
2010 North Kedah Art Journey Exhibition, Star City Hotel Alor Star, Kedah, Malaysia.
2010 Negeri Sembilan Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition., Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.
2010 Mission Hills Art Exhibition, Mission Hills Golf Resorts, Haikou, China.
2010 Malaysia Johor Bahru Art Culture Journey Exhibition, Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
2011 Oil Painting Art Exhibition (The First Leg), Penang Malay Art Gallery, Penang, Malaysia.
2011 Malaysia Taiwan Culture Art Journey Exhibition (The Second Leg), ChinWoo Art Gallery., Stadium ChinWoo Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
2011 Malaysia Taiwan Culture Art Journey Exhibition (The Third Leg), Malacca Li Chi Mao Art House., Malacca, Malaysia.
2011 Malaysia Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition, Ipoh , Perak,Malaysia.