ArtMalaysia Art Tourism Fair (AATF 2014)

Siow YinYoong

Siow, Yin Yoong born in Malaysia, an art educator, art examiner, designer and fine art artist.
With 14 years in retail store planning and visual merchandising design, 18 years in art & 
design education till present involved in founding, managing and curriculum design of art
& design programs. Her personal research area of interest lies in educational management,
basic design and art in visual art & communication design, new technologies in design 
education, internet application in instruction, cultural identities, etc. of which she believes is 
of great significance to the Malaysian arts and design education. Yin Yoong's works has been
shown and participated in numerous group shows as well as published in art journals, 
conference / exhibition catalogues, and stationery throughout Malaysia and overseas.