ArtMalaysia Art Tourism Fair (AATF 2014)

Fatemeh Mofarahi

Fatemeh Mofarahi (Saeideh) was born .1965   in shiraz .Iran. Held the position of both manager and Instructor of MOFARAHI  Institute , while still being active in the fields of painting and drawing and being stated as professional , Technical organization under the supervision of Department of Social Affairs , since 2001

  • As Student and in her learning era has been benefited from unexcelled   and best  lecturers  from both Tehran & Shiraz naming , Mr  Atrvash , Mr  Atash Zad ,  Mr  Nami Petgar.
  • Experience of over 20 years of Lecturing and Instructing   students   from various ages .
  • Attending more than 30 individual and group exhibitions.

  • Studied Artistic District training in drawing, &painting of Islamic propagation organization ,(soureh university, Tehran)in 1990
  • Completed the training course in field of press Graphic ,in 1993
  • Honorary member of The Museum of Contemporary Art ,Iran 
  • Member of the guild of painters Shiraz
  • Permanent member of Malaysian Iranian Art society(MIAS)
  • Member of cube Gallery ,Malaysia
Solo exhibitions :
  • Institute  Mofarahi,2010
  • Institute  Mofarahi  , 2009
  • Baran Gallery ,2008
  • Institute  Mofarahi  2007

Group exhibition
  • Art Expo 2013,Malaysia. Her Art work is chosen to be put in the Museum in Malaysia by Art Expo 2013 AATF 2013/Malaysia
  • Top members of the Association of Professional Painters  iran  Art exhibition / California / Abra gallery 2013
  • Animal Kingdom Art exhibition,Malaysia 2013 
  • Internatinol womans Day Art exhibition-My Day in Malaysia 2013 
  • Malaysian, Iranian ,Korean Artists contemporary Art Exhibition 2012,Malaysia                        
  • Art Expo 2012 ,Malaysia 
  • International  woman s  Day Art Exhibition –FEMME FLORA in Malaysia,2012 
  • Selected works by Artist wanted ,and it was  shown  in time square New York,2012                    
  • Iranian Group exhibition, Cube art gallery,Malaysia,2011 
  • 5th entrepreneur women seminar,Iran,Tehran,2010