ArtMalaysia Art Tourism Fair (AATF 2014)

Celso Duazo Pepito

Looking at paintings by Pepito, one is made aware of common motifs running through them: the three planar divisions used as backdrops for his figural subjects and the octagon. These show his three important messages: love of God, love of family, and love for country.

Pepito’s paintings reflect a strong spirituality, and a commitment to a continuing apostolate through his art.

He is an unwavering believer that positive change in society starts in the family, the reason why his works always show and depict family values and traditions, and a spirit of nationalism exemplified by subjects that are striving for self-reliance and dignity through hard work and labor. 

Having built a reputation in the utilization of cubic simplicity in the making of his work, genuine sincerity stands to be an important element in the inner working of Pepito’s art, art which seeks to give hope, motivate, challenge and uplift. Like most artists, he values freedom of expression but he also believes that freedom without responsibility is quite useless.

In more than three decades of art practice, Pepito has put up 37 one-man shows, joined more than 200 group shows, and organized art exhibits that benefitted not only his group but young aspiring artists as well.

Pepito has also linked with his peers and exhibited in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore. He has also exhibited in the US, Germany and Luxembourg. He was a founding member of Cebu Artists Incorporated and served as its first president, and today, continues to take an active role in all its activities