ArtMalaysia Art Tourism Fair (AATF 2014)

Renulo Torino Pautan

With a father who produced frames for the local artists, Pautan was exposed to works of art at an early age, but gained his artistic development through the help of the Alcoseba family. His constant visits to this family of artists served as a good training ground for him, providing him with an understanding of the tenets of conservative and modern ways of painting.

After many years of observing and understanding the ups and downs of a painter’s life, Pautan started to define his own artistic direction, investing his time on exposing his artworks and looking forward to further developing his talent. To make his goal more attainable, he decided to look for a cohesive group that can hopefully help him realize his dream. Three years ago, he got invited by Cebu Artists Incorporated, enabling him to finally find his home in the group.

Pautan’s membership in CAI is a big factor for his art to be truly moving, vibrant and constantly evolving. Though relatively new in the group, he has participated in the group’s exhibits in Cebu, Manila and Malaysia and continues to be active in any art related activities organized by the group.