ArtMalaysia Art Tourism Fair (AATF 2014)

Fe Madrid Pepito

Fe Madrid Pepito is an Optometrist by profession but her marriage to an artist found her in constant company with Cebuano painters, thus awakening an innate talent for painting. Though her entry into the world of art was at first merely a fulfillment of her artistic curiosity, she ended up practicing more of art than optometry.

A great believer in freedom of expression, and always conscious of the idea of retaining her own identity, in spite of and especially because she is living with an artist husband, she is largely self-taught. For her, a work of art is a personal matter and the act of painting is a moment of pure enjoyment.
Although never timid in the choice of subjects, and always ready to take on a challenge, Fe’s femininity is exemplified by her favorite, flowers.
Fe is a pioneering member of Cebu Artists Incorporated and contributes her time to sustain the growth of CAI. She has participated in most of the group’s exhibitions and other related activities.

She has exhibited her works in Cebu, Manila, Malaysia, Paris and the USA.