ArtMalaysia Art Tourism Fair (AATF 2014)

Delaila Abdullah

Education B. H. Sc. In English Language & Literature, IIUM
Award i. Consolation Prize, Floria Putrajaya 2013 Watercolour Drawing Competition
ii.  1st Prize, Floria Putrajaya 2012 Watercolour Drawing Competition
iii. Consolation Prize, Floria Putrajaya 2011 Watercolour Drawing Competition
iv. 2nd Prize, Floria Putrajaya 2010 Watercolour Drawing Competition
In her early years, Delaila Abdullah has demonstrated a keen interest in drawing and painting with watercolour. She did fairly well in arts while receiving her primary education. However, the interest almost took a complete halt once she resumed her secondary education until she won the first prize in a poster drawing competition when she was in Form Three. After that, she never touched the brushes again.
Fast-forward to the present, as if her art destiny has been written in the stars, she stumbled upon lovely floral paintings at Floria Putrajaya 2009. The images of splashes of colours and brush strokes quickly rekindled the long-buried passion in her heart to pick up painting once again. However, it was not after nine months later that she finally summoned enough courage to pick up the brushes once more.
The absence of a formal education in art pushed Delaila to turn to books and the internet to learn drawing and painting techniques, and photos and magazines for inspiration. Her training in English in some ways, has shaped her interest in the far away landscape, where bards of yesteryears used to be inspired by the softly lapping waters of the Lake District, where roses, lavenders and sunflowers bud at the break of spring. And having gazed into the eyes of the Mona Lisa, she was even more certain of the dream that she wanted to pursue.
 In 2010, she entered the Floria Putrajaya 2010 Watercolour Drawing Competition with an original piece entitled ‘Heliconia’. She won the second prize and was overwhelmed by the realization that it was never too late to achieve anything in life. The following year, working around the roses theme, she won the consolation prize with her art piece entitled ‘In Love Again’. And 2012 promised an even sweeter victory when she won the first prize in the same competition with an artwork entitled ‘Capture My heart’ on the theme of bougainvillea.
Being an Aquarian, she believes that in a positive way, her artistic inclination is being somewhat ruled by the sign. However, on the other extreme, having lost touch with the art world for more than 20 years has to some extent, blurred her vision and presented her with a field of confusions in her quest for art. Landscapes and flowers can easily stimulate her senses to paint the subjects, luring her to be lost in her own peaceful world. But knowing that choices are abundant, she does not want to limit her self-exploration only to these. Still struggling to find her footing in the local art scene, Delaila has steadily been painting, mostly flowers as they keep her happiest.