Message from the Managing Director of Dunia Seni Lukis Sdn. Bhd.
Artists and art industry activists will meet again in Malaysia. This time Kuala Lumpur City becomes the place that will witness the participation of more artists and art gallery owners, local and abroad.

9-13 November 2006, at Malacca International Trade Centre, Ayer Keroh, Malacca, definitely are unforgettable dates for artists, gallery owners and art enthusiasts, local and abroad, because the 1st. Malaysia World Art-Tourism Expo 2006 was held with success and had received very encouraging response.

Now, once more, Dunia Seni Lukis Sdn. Bhd., steps out to add colour and to promote art by holding the ¡®International Contemporary Art Fair 2008¡¯ on 26-30 November 2008 at a terrific place, that is, Mid Valley Exhibition Centre (MVEC) located in the midst of busy metropolitan Kuala Lumpur City.

Those who had participated in the Expo 2006 in Malacca, will surely visit Kuala Lumpur City. I believe that this time the artists and gallery owners, local and abroad, will bring with them their art collections that are of better quality and higher value to be exhibited.

Moreover, it is our vision that one day the Expo or Art Exhibition held by our company will exhibit paintings priced at millions of ringgit.

We hope to receive support from all, including government leaders, ministries, departments, agencies, corporate figures and bodies, millionaires and philanthropists, renowned artists and famous gallery owners to enable art as fantastic as the creation of world famous artist, Raffaello Sanzio to be exhibit in this country.

Just imagine if one day, a painting as fantastic as the sketch of Lorenzo de Medici¡¯s face ruler of Florence from year 1513-1519 created be ¡®Raphael¡¯ priced at RM 128 million and the creation of the Chinese classical artist of the 17th Century, Wu Li, titled ¡®Wang Meng Style Landscape¡¯ priced at RM 7.96 million, being exhibited in this country.

I am sure hundreds of thousands of art enthusiasts will visit Malaysia and surely, it is not only an eye-opener to these foreigners regarding the ability of this country to hold a fantastic art exhibition, but also to achieve an increase in the number of tourists coming into Malaysia who will at the same time contribute to the country¡¯s income economically.

The step mentioned will take a long time, therefore, continued effort and support from all sectors are needed to ¡®realize this dream¡¯. Nothing is impossible because with the ¡®Malaysia Boleh¡¯ spirit, we can do it.

One day, it is hoped, Malaysia will be known to the world all over as an outstanding country that recognizes the splendor of art thus indirectly will make Malaysia a meeting place for the world¡¯s art-lovers, increasing the worth of our local artists¡¯ creations and improving their standard of living in tune with the standard of living of the world¡¯s famous artists.

With that, come, let us jointly support the effort made by Dunia Seni Lukis Sdn. Bhd. by participating in the said exhibition as a participant, as a sponsor, as a donor, as a material and loyal moral supporter, or at least as a visitor to ¡®International Contemporary Art Fair 2008¡¯.

For sure, all your participations will give a big impact in the effort to promote art and especially to raise the image of ours local artists in the eyes of the world. Besides, the contribution given will not go to waste because it will be channeled for the purpose of helping the children at ¡®Harapan Komuniti¡¯ Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Finally, welcome and see you at ¡®International Contemporary Art Fair 2008¡¯.

Thank you.

En. Alias Hashim
Managing Director of Dunia Seni Lukis Sdn. Bhd.

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